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Our Latest Chirps...

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- Friday Nov 21 - 5:35pm


  • Get Back to Twerk!

    Had a good Bank Holiday Weekend? Well, we at See.Saw needed the break after another busy week, including some great coverage for the wonderfully heart-warming, inspiring story of Zumba Instructor and bride-to-be, Lindsey Jones.

    Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 13.41.14

    At 18 stone, Lindsey had struggled with anxiety and depression, but once Zumba become a regular part of her life, she not only fell in love with it,  but trained to become an Instructor and lost a lot of excess weight in the process. We met Lindsey, who now teaches three classes a week, last month when she was selected to take part in the Zumba Step demo for Lorraine Kelly’s daytime show. As soon as we were introduced to her and heard her story, we knew Lindsey had the potential to inspire others to give Zumba a go, and hopefully help set them on a similarly positive journey.

    20.08.14 - ZIN Lindsey Jones case study - Metro

    If you know anything about us, you’ll know that once we’d seen the potential in Lindsay’s story, it was only a matter of time before it was being seen by others, first in regional papers, starting in Bewdley (Lindsays home area), then spreading to the Kidderminster Shuttle, Stourbridge News and Hereford Times. The story was received so well that the team were then able to get it onto both and into the Metro print edition, and onto Mail Online (including syndication to a dozen news feeder sites) where – at the time of writing – it has been shared almost 1,800 times!

    Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 13.12.52

    We hope you enjoyed reading about Lindsay too. Now, get back to twerk!


  • #RealorNothing – Häagen-Dazs Campaign for Real Ingredients

    Häagen-Dazs’ #RealorNothing campaign celebrates real ingredients and reinforces the fact that Häagen-Dazs’ vanilla recipe – which contains only five, all-natural ingredients – hasn’t changed in an astonishing 53 years. There’s no secret recipe hidden away from prying eyes; no secrets at all in fact. It’s simple: eggs, milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla. Here at See.Saw, we think that old-time values like these are definitely worth shouting about, and as ever, we were happy to take the lead…

    Haagen Dazs & Natalie Coleman pre-event filming
    To begin, we enlisted Masterchef 2013 winner Natalie Coleman to help tell the #RealorNothing story, and arranged a series of events aimed at getting the message out there.

    Haagen-Dazs and Natalie Coleman - evening event

    An intimate lunchtime kitchen event for top-tier food bloggers, hosted by Natalie, and co-hosted by GB Chefs, gave guests an ice-cream demo, highlighting the star of the #RealorNothing campaign – Häagen-Dazs’ Vanilla. The bloggers were shown an ice cream recipe inspired by Häagen-Dazs and using only the five ingredients, before Natalie cooked them all a two course meal, which they followed with her homemade #RealorNothing vanilla ice cream.

    Haagen-Dazs and Natalie Coleman - blogger lunch

    A Häagen-Dazs Food Scientist then led guests on a journey of discovery in a blind taste test area. Here, they were given four vanilla ice cream samples from four different brands, including Häagen-Dazs, and were taught how to cleanse their palettes, to distinguish between different textures, to identify the rate at which each melted, and – most crucially – to distinguish between real and fake ingredients. Having then sampled all the flavours in the Häagen-Dazs range, guests each took away a Häagen-Dazs hamper, including the real ingredients required to make Natalie’s vanilla ice cream recipe at home

    In the evening, over 30 food bloggers, vloggers and journalists attended a more informal cocktail reception,  were they too were treated to the three main components of the lunchtime event: Natalie’s real ice cream demo; the blind taste testing; and the Häagen-Dazs flavour sampling.

    And the end result? Between the two events, we attracted over 40 attendees, including: Independent, Reveal, Heat, Ms Marmite Lover, and Raphael Gomes, achieved over 1.15 million tweet impressions, and secured abundant coverage, including (to date): A Life of Geekery, Miss Emma Charlotte, Lemonaid Lies, Ramblings of a Food Addict, A Girl Has To Eat, and GB Chefs. Not bad for only five ingredients!

  • Zumba Creator Comes to London

    The excitement started build at the beginning of July when Zumba HQ told us that the creator of Zumba, Beto Perez, would be coming over to the UK later in the month. While Beto was here  hosting a two-day masterclass at the Zumba Instructor Academy Event at Excel, the team at See.Saw did all we could to get the most out of his flying visit.

    Lorraine Kelly at her Zumba Class

    Self-proclaimed Zumba fanatic Lorraine Kelly was delighted to welcome Beto onto her sofa, and even allowed cameras into her own Zumba class in the days leading up to the interview. Footage of Lorraine in her very own Zumba-branded apparel gave some context to her obvious enthusiasm for all things Zumba, while the interview itself cut away from the studio to a group of Zumba instructors demonstrating the latest speciality Zumba Step live from London’s Southbank, again all modeling the latest in Zumba apparel.

    And we weren’t going to stop there. As part of an ongoing campaign to get more children active in fun dance-based sports, we arranged for Beto to host a Zumba Kids class for children at The Cathedral Primary School in Southwark. The kids loved it (obviously!) and our image of the class in full-wing made it into The Huffington Post’s Pictures of the Day, alongside major world news events.

    Zumba Creator Beto Perez hosting a Zumba Kids class for children at The Cathedral Primary School in Southwark

    Add to that coverage of the main event at Excel on The Barbelle, Gymbags & Gladrags and the Laila Daho blog, and you’ll understand why Beto looks so happy!

  • In the mood for dancing… Finding Romance with Zumba®

    Zumba Fitness are one of our oldest clients, but that doesn’t mean either of us can rest on our laurels; they never stop coming up with exciting new ways for their fans to engage in a fashion that enriches their lives beyond achieving fitness goals.  Over the past 13 years, the brand has built a reputation for fusing fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dance-party workout. Surprising then, that it’s only very recently that romance has officially entered the mix…

    Zumba® Classes for Singles, now a regular fixture at Shaftesbury Avenue’s Bar Rumba, offer a very different kind of dating experience. We visited one of the sessions earlier this month, hosted by Date in a Dash, and aren’t surprised to be able to report that it was a lot of fun, and certainly seemed to be getting the participants in flirtatious mood!

    As we all search for new, time-effective ways of finding the perfect partner, adding Zumba® into the mix makes perfect sense. A workout and a chance to meet that special someone is the process? We think it’s genius. Not least because Zumba® is the perfect complement (and icebreaker) for singles wanting help to mingle. The session we took part in provided a relaxed setting for participants to get to know one another – and potentially find love – while getting active and dancing our way into shape. In fact, the good folk at Zumba® tell us that over the years, many fans have shared stories of how they fell in love in their Zumba® class – they’ve even heard of marriage proposals mid-salsa! Zumba® for Singles is just a natural progression, growing out of something that was already happening organically in classes around the world.

    Based on our experience at Bar Rumba, we can certainly say that there is  something about the Zumba® programme that makes you let go of your inhibitions – and that will always bring people together. Let’s hope it continues and that many more can find love with Zumba®…

  • “Well, it’s time to start the show…”

    To celebrate Defected’s 15th anniversary, the label partnered with See.Saw client Pioneer to host students from Kids Company’s DJ Academy for an exclusive masterclass at the Defected pop-up store in Shoreditch. And we’re still buzzing from a very special show…

    The Kids Company students were treated to a 1-2-1 masterclass with Pioneer DJ expert Rik Parkinson, and a surprise appearance from DJ Locksmith from Rudimental, otherwise known as Leon Rolle, who showed them the ropes on Pioneer’s top of the range CDJ decks.They had the chance to listen to their tracks through Pioneer’s new Pro Audio speakers, currently supplying the sound in legendary Ibiza club, Boooom!. The guys at Pioneer also donated some DJ equipment to Kids Company to practice their skills back at the centre.

    Kids Company is a cause close to Leon’s heart. “I grew up in a similar area and understand what many of these kids have been through. I am so honored to be involved in this project with Pioneer and Defected who are giving these kids the chance they deserve and fuelling their interest in something that stimulates them.”

    Showing the students how he mixed between two very different tracks, Leon told them, “That’s what I love about Pioneer equipment. It opens up your eyes to how much you can achieve when mixing music”.

    With more to come in 2014, the team at See.Saw are delighted to be helping Pioneer celebrate 20 years since bringing the first CDJ to the market, way back in 1994.

    Stay tuned…

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