This week marks both World Rhino Day and the start of the 17th annual Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) on Saturday 24th, when global conservationists will gather in South Africa to try and tackle the urgent issues of corruption and poaching. We’re helping Save the Rhino International go back  to basics and ask WHY we should save rhinos?

Watch this video if you really need convincing!

And if that’s not enough, look at this gorgeous baby rhino… who sadly is one of the thousands left orphaned due to poaching. Poachers are unselective about the rhinos they choose to poach and all too often females with dependent calves at foot are killed. If they are lucky the calves are found before they also die of starvation or predation, and can be saved. Rhinos suckle milk until they are 20 months old and would normally stay with their mothers until they are 24 to 30 months old and so orphaned calves require a lengthy period of care before they can be successfully returned to the wild.


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